Business French Course

Doing business with France
France is not only a popular holiday destination, but is also an important European partner in business. Approximately 110 million people worldwide speak this beautiful language; it is with good reason that French is one of the official languages for internal communication within the European Union and the United Nations. Doing business with a French partner requires knowledge of the French language, and of the French work ethic and etiquette. You can learn this with Flow Languages in our business French course!

Flow Languages stands for quality and flexibility

The French will appreciate your efforts if you know the language; the French language is an important aspect of their culture, so it gives you the edge when talking to business partners! The Dutch, for example, are sometimes careless when pronouncing certain sounds, but that often causes problems in French; handy to know and something to get into the habit of doing. Our professional and experienced language trainers help you practice your French writing and speaking skills, whatever it is you need! As well as learning the language well, it is also important that you understand the French culture, including business culture. In the Netherlands, 9AM is 9AM! In the French business world, however, no-one thinks twice if you arrive ten minutes late… In general, the French are also more formal than the Dutch, so always use the formal ‘vous’ when addressing a business associate until they invite you to use the familiar form ‘tu’.

After an intake in which we determine the participants’ specific wishes and language level, we will develop a tailor-made language course. The business French course ensures that that you can communicate professionally in French.

The advantages at a glance

– The business French course helps strengthen your business
– It contributes towards your personal development
– On the basis of an intake, we determine your current language level (in accordance with the CEFR) and your desired goals so that we can provide a tailor-made solution
– We provide transparent and clear information about the course
– We only work with enthusiastic, enterprising and experienced language trainers


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