ISO Quality Standard

Flow meets the requirements of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services, and we are therefore the proud owner of this highly coveted certification: This can be regarded as the best quality guarantee in translation industry.

What this means in practice

This standard describes the requirements that a translation services provider must meet with regard to the deployment of people and resources, project management, procedures and quality assurance. Every year, the Dutch national certification body KIWA Netherlands organises an extensive audit to check whether the standards of the new certification have been met and processes continually optimised.

In other words, this evaluation confirms annually that we work according to the quality standards laid down in the certification mark ISO 17100:2015. This means that all translations are carried out by native speakers, we work with translation memories in order to ensure the consistent and correct use of the relevant terminology, all project managers have completed a language degree, and that quality control is a standard part of our translation process. The fact that we hold this important European Certification is the absolute jewel in the crown of our work