Business Dutch Course

Unpredictable spelling
In Dutch, do you sit in front of or behind a computer screen? Do you say ‘meld u nu aan’ or ‘meldt u nu aan’? And do you send someone a CV or a cv? Find out the answers to these and other questions in the Flow Languages business Dutch course. In the Dutch business world, it is important to write correctly and communicate professionally, both verbally and in writing. And there’s nothing quite so unpredictable as Dutch language.

Flow Languages stands for quality and flexibility

Whether it’s a refresher course in spelling you want, or tips on the best way to draw up a formal email, Flow Languages offers tailor-made language training, where and when it suits you best. Every aspect of the Dutch language that you want to learn will be included. You can use various types of media in business communication, such as emails and letters.  Our courses provide not only a thorough understanding of the grammar rules, but also teach you how to decide which medium best suits the situation, so that you can choose the right tone of voice. The correct use of Dutch spelling and grammar, the right tone of voice and clear formulation will help you increase your opportunities in the business world; your message will be crystal clear and professional. Thanks to our business Dutch course, you will now be able to communicate with your Dutch business partners in flawless Dutch and strengthen your corporate position.

The advantages at a glance

– The business Dutch course helps strengthen your business
– It contributes towards your personal development
– On the basis of an intake, we determine your current language level (in accordance with the CEFR) and your desired goals so that we can provide a tailor-made solution
– We provide transparent and clear information about the course
– We only work with enthusiastic, enterprising and experienced language trainers


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