DTP Work

We also provide a desktop publishing service for your translations. English, German and Spanish, but also Chinese and Arabic; whatever the language, we can format your text so that it’s ready to be published.

Flow Languages stands for quality and short turnover times

Are we designers? No, but we can provide translations in the original layout. That means we take a great deal of the formatting process off your hands. What’s more, we make sure the text has been proofread. When formatting texts, linguistic errors are sometimes found, such as incorrectly hyphenated words, or footnotes or captions that are in the wrong place. Formatting an Arabic text, for example, can easily cause problems because the text runs in the opposite direction. Specific software is needed to format these texts, because Arabic lettering is not supported by all software. This also applies for other languages, including Russian; formatting Arabic and Russian texts requires a different approach to DTP work. We take this problem and this process off your hands so that you don’t have to worry about the correctness of your text.

Furthermore, it is not unusual for a translation to be 10% longer or shorter than the original source text. This often means the layout has to be adapted. When we format a text, we make sure that we proofread the text again and adapt the layout so that the translation fits perfectly. This means you can be sure that the text is linguistically correct, and that the translation remains intact. We will send you a finished product that can be sent to the printers right away: easy and cost saving!

When formatting your texts, we work with the very latest DTP software, such as InDesign CC (the latest version), Adobe FrameMaker 9.0 and Quark Xpress 8.