Business Italian Course

Language as identity
Italy is an important partner for the Netherlands in the field of art, design, fashion and music. Approximately 63 million people worldwide speak Italian. For many Italians, language is part of their identity, which makes it all the more important if you want to meet their wishes. However, the Italian language has many dialects, which makes communicating with your business connections more difficult. Our business Italian course is tailored to suit your language needs: do you want to focus on writing and speaking skills, or learn specific professional jargon? No problem!

Flow Languages stands for quality and flexibility

Italy is currently the Netherlands’ sixth most important trade partner. In order to further increase your opportunities in this business market, it is essential that you get to know the language. This builds trust and, what’s more, shows that you are prepared to make an effort for your business partner; a guaranteed advantage! If you wish, we can also teach you a little Italian culture and etiquette as part of this business Italian course. Italians generally communicate in a less direct manner than the Dutch; they use more adjectives, and their spoken and written language is more expressive and descriptive. Another quick tip: make sure you make the right impression – fare una bella figura. Italians appreciate a carefully chosen outfit; it shows that the meeting is important to you.

After an intake in which we determine the participants’ specific wishes and language level, we will develop a tailor-made language course. With our language training, you’re sure to fall in love with the melodic Italian language!

The advantages at a glance

– The business Italian course helps strengthen your business
– It contributes towards your personal development
– On the basis of an intake, we determine your current language level (in accordance with the CEFR) and your desired goals so that we can provide a tailor-made solution
– We provide transparent and clear information about the course
– We only work with enthusiastic, enterprising and experienced language trainers


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