Flow Languages provides various types of copy for all your communication needs. Do you need a text written from scratch or an existing text corrected or edited? Our text agency has the specialist skills needed to create all the copy your company needs. We also have the skills and knowledge needed to format your documents using Adobe InDesign.

Flow Languages stands for quality and short turnover times

As a text agency we offer a number of services: copywriting, text correction and editing. 

Whether it’s a website text, a business letter, a marketing brochure text or a business relations magazine,  every text has to draw the reader to it. If you don’t have the time or expertise to create good copy yourself, just contact our agency. We provide all manner of texts, such as brochure texts, website texts and interviews, all for a wide range of clients. We write clear and readable copy that is tailored to your target group. We can do this best, of course, when we have as much information as possible about your company’s products and services. That’s why when we write completely new texts we like to visit your company and get to know your business. The short lines of communication with our clients mean we can quickly determine what tone the text requires and what purpose it has to serve.

For text correction or editing, the requirements and house style can be discussed more easily by phone and a good briefing is usually sufficient. We continue to work on the text and play with the words until everything is correct and feels just right. Does your text just need those finishing touches, and are you wondering whether your syntax or word choice is right for the goal you have in mind? We can help you to make that final step, so that your text is flawless and compelling when it goes to press.

SEO Copywriting
It goes without saying that good website texts are important for every company; after all, your website is a reflection of your company. In this new era of search engines, however, there is something else to consider: you want to make sure your business gets the highest ranking possible in the search results. Web developers can your build website in such a way that you can be easily found. But that is alone is not enough; the website texts play an equally important role. Our text agency specialises in writing these SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) texts.

After a meticulous briefing, we determine together with you the search words with which the website needs to be found. Using these search words and the applicable SEO guidelines, we write (or rewrite) the web copy. We also take into account the number of words per page, the keyword density, the optimisation of titles, use of synonyms and, of course, clear linguistic style.