Business English Course

English as a global language
In theory we all speak pretty good English; don’t we? Yes we do! However, English is not only a means of communication but also a cultural product. English has become a truly global language, with almost 500 million speakers. This means it is a language you can almost always fall back on, certainly if you speak it well! With our English course, you not only learn the language quickly, but you also learn more about English culture, habits and customs. This means you can communicate well in any situation!

Flow Languages stands for quality and flexibility

More exceptions than rules

English is a highly idiomatic language, with more exceptions than rules. English is therefore easy to learn as a first language, but often more difficult as a second or third. Flow Languages helps you out with those aspects of English that are lacking, be they speaking or writing skills, whatever you need. Most Dutch people speak very good English, but lack the finesses and nuances of the language (very important signals when doing business!) With this business English course, we can also prepare you for the business culture in England. British businessman, for example, are often very punctual and expect their business relations to be so too. Moreover, you’ll go furthest if you are polite, so sprinkle your requests liberally with the words ‘please’ and ‘maybe’! Our experienced language trainers will teach you the finer details of the language so that you can communicate at a higher level, in both business and leisure situations.

The advantages at a glance

The business English course helps strengthen your business
It contributes towards your personal development
On the basis of an intake, we determine your current language level (in accordance with the CEFR) and your desired goals so that we can provide a tailor-made solution
We provide transparent and clear information about the course
We only work with enthusiastic, enterprising and experienced language trainers


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