Different fields of work require different types of jargon and writing styles. It is therefore important that we select a translator who is specialised in both the subject matter and language of the relevant discipline. We provide translations you can rely on, in any language combination you need.

Flow Languages stands for quality and short turnover times

Translations in various fields

It is important that the translation is done by a native speaker of the target language, but also that the translator has in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Moreover, the text has to adhere to the correct stylistic and cultural conventions. Marketing texts, for example, require a different approach than when translating an employment contract or an instruction manual. If you want to have technical documents translated, you need a translator with a technical background, someone who understands your activities, knows the jargon, and who, above all, is extremely accurate. After all, a mistake in an instruction manual can have far-reaching consequences.

Translating legal documents is also a specialised discipline. Knowledge about legislation in the countries for which the translations are intended is therefore essential. This is why legal translation is a task we only assign to translators with a professional background in law. Do you need a sworn translation? If so, we will make sure the assignment is carried out by a sworn translator, in order to guarantee its legality. We can also arrange an apostille for the translation; this certifies that the translator’s signature has been filed with the district court at which the translator’s signature is registered.

We also provide medical translations, translations for the recreation industry, and all manner of marketing texts. For these translations, we also work with translators that know the jargon and understand the target audience. Only in this way can we make sure your message maintains the same impact and meaning as in the original text.

A wide range of language combinations

Thanks to our worldwide network, no language combination is a problem for us, even at very short notice. Do you need a travel brochure translated into English, or an employment contract into German? No problem! Do you need to quickly publish a Spanish press release before the weekend, or have a menu translated into French? Leave it to us! And by the way, we also provide translations into (and from) less common languages such as Chinese, Russian and Arabic.