Business German Course

Germany as a trade partner
It is sometimes said that ‘If Germany gets a cold, the Netherlands sneezes’. The Netherlands’ eastern neighbours are one of their most important trade partners, in the fields of both import and export. To put it more precisely: a quarter of Dutch exports go to Germany. In order to do successful business with Germany, a good knowledge of the language (and the culture!) is essential. German people are proud of their own language, and getting to know it yourself gives you that slight edge. Good German language skills can therefore boost your opportunities significantly. With this business German course, we can help you and your company to communicate with German clients, suppliers and colleagues.

Flow Languages stands for quality and flexibility

Tailor-made business courses

Although German might seem similar to Dutch, there are nevertheless a number of obstacles that have to be overcome, such as grammatical cases. Our professional and experienced language trainers help you practice your German writing and/or speaking skills, whatever it is you need! After an intake in which we determine the participants’ specific wishes and language level, we will develop a tailor-made language course. If you wish, we can also teach you a little German culture as part of this business German course. The German business culture, for example, if a lot more formal than the Dutch; handy to know! A tip to be going on with: always address your German business partner with the formal ‘Sie’ rather than the informal ‘Du’, and don’t address them by their first name right away (even if it’s written on their business card).

The advantages at a glance

– Übung macht den Meister
– The business German course helps strengthen your business
– It contributes towards your personal development
– On the basis of an intake, we determine your current language level (in accordance with the CEFR) and your desired goals so that we can provide a tailor-made solution
– We provide transparent and clear information about the course
– We only work with enthusiastic, enterprising and experienced language trainers


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